Enter the digital world of TouchTunes, the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment network in North America. They are the first digital network to license jukebox rights to the music of top artists and have built a massive database of songs. With over 60,000 social venues nationwide, TouchTunes plays over 700 million songs annually.

Locations can change type of music by time of day or day of week, control when and how background music is played, limit when patrons make their selections, filter music to block explicit lyrics or other content and much more. Patrons chose song by title, artist, genre or album. PICK, PLAY & PARTY!

TouchTunes innovation has pioneered advancements such as mobile app, smart touchscreen interfaces and multi-application platforms. The latest technology jukebox not only plays music on Bose® speakers but with a touch of the button, you can host karaoke complete with song lyrics. But wait, there’s more… your jukebox is also a photo booth. Capture all of your friends with the wide angle lens, choose a fun frame and send digitally for all to enjoy.


     • Find locations near you with the TouchTunes app 
     • See what’s playing at your location and what’s up next
     • See who is checked in and see what they are playing.
     • Get rewards and bonus credits the more you play.
     • Create playlists or sync your Android device’s music collection.
     • See your play history, most played and personal recommendations.
     • Share where you are and what you’ve played on social media.

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