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Meg McAbee
Meg McAbee
Q: Name?
A: Meg McAbee
Q: Hometown?
A: Clemson, SC
Born: Anderson, SC
Resides: Chisholm, MN (15 Years)
Q: Favorite Home Dart Bar?
A: Too many to choose just one
Q: Favorite Luck of the Draw Location?
A: Sideline's Sports Bar
Q: How long have you been playing
A: 16 Years Steel Tip
6 Years Soft Tip
Q: How did you start playing darts?
A: My brother "Bo." He was stationed in England with the Navy. He got involved with darts and when he came home he got me started.
Q: Most Enjoyable Award or Plaque?
A: MVP for Winter 2012. It was my best average yet.
Q: Future Goals?
A: Continue to improve and make bigger tournaments.
Q: Highest you've placed in a Tournament?
A: 1st Place
Q: If you could change something what would it be?
A: Not to get so down on myself. I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to throwing.
Q: Who is your favorite rival player?
A: Jodie Simon & Raena Wellman. We laugh as much as we play!
Q: What is your Favorite Major Tournament?
Q: Why?
A: I have a blast playing and seeing people I don't get to see often enough.
Q: Favorite Match Played?
A: Greg Brock and I vs. Jodie Simon and Justin Kendle. Great people & always good for laughs while playing.
Q: Do you have somebody you look up too?
A: My brother for getting me started, and Greg Brock for helping me tweak my game. I've learned alot from them both.
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