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2016 7 State Dart Tournament 12/7 - 12/10/17 Info Entry Form
2018 MOMA State Tournament
1/24 - 1/22818
    Hotel Info PPD/MPR Form
2017 MTA - Sawmill Inn 3/2 - 3/5/17 Schedule Entry Form
Theisen Vending Year End 4/14 - 4/16/17 Information Entry Form
2017 NDA Nationals 4/20 - 4/26/17 Schedule Entry Form
Dog Days of Summer 8/28 - 8/20/17 Info Maplewood, MN
Chaser's Stuffed Turkey Tournament 11/24/16 8 PM Coon Rapids, MN
Chaser's Stuff The Turkey Tournament 11/23/16 8 PM Coon Rapids, MN
Willy's Night Before Thanksgiving Tournament 11/23/16 8:30 PM Coon Rapids, MN
Tom Sonnentag Benefit 9/10/16 Info Coon Rapids
Liquid Larry's 04/30/16 7 PM Kinney, MN
Nashwauk-Keewatin Banquet 1/23/16 2 PM Wizard's
Chaser's New Years Eve L.O.D. 12/31/15 7 PM Coon Rapids, MN
Deer River Banquet 12/14/15 6 PM Sign-Up 7 PM Start Deer River, MN
Scoop's Thanksgiving L.O.D. 11/26/15 8:30 Start Coon Rapids, MN
Willy's Thanksgiving Eve L.O.D. 11/25/15 7 PM Sign-Up / 8 PM Start Coon Rapids, MN
Chaser's Thanksgiving Eve L.O.D. 11/25/15 7 PM Sign-Up / 8:00 Start Coon Rapids, MN
Chaser's Halloween Blackout L.O.D. 10/30/15 Info Coon Rapids, MN
Doghouse Summer Banquet 9/19/15 4 PM Maplewood, MN
Scoop's Car Show Tournament 8/1/15 8:30 PM Coon Rapids, MN
Ultimate Gauntlet 6/27/15 Info Coon Rapids, MN
Doghouse Winter Banquet 5/31/15 4:00 PM Maplewood, MN
Grand Rapids Winter Banquet 5/16/15 3 PM Taconite American Legion
Mike's Of Bovey L.O.D. 5/2/15 7:00 PM Bovey, MN
DeNucci's Tournament 5/2/15 7:00 PM Nashwauk, MN
Scoop's Pub Winter Banquet 5/2/15 Info Coon Rapids, MN
Sportsman's Tavern L.O.D. 5/2/15 5 PM Hibbing, MN
Nashwauk/Keewatin Winter Banquet 5/2/15 2 PM Old Calumet Saloon
Willy's Mom Birthday L.O.D. 4/11/15 Info Coon Rapids, MN
1st Annual Eggstravaganza 4/4/15 Info Maplewood
DeNucci's Couples L.O.D. 4/4/15 6:00 Sign-Up 6:30 Start Nashwauk
Cheap Thrills Valentines Tournament 2/14/15 7:00 PM Chisholm, MN
Grand Rapids Moose Valentines Tournament 2/14/15 3:00 PM Grand Rapids, MN
Doghouse Valentines Tournament 2/14/15 Info Maplewood, MN
Scoop's Valentines Tournament 2/14/15 Info Coon Rapids, MN
Sidelines Valentines Eve Tournament 2/13/15 7:00 PM Chisholm, MN
2015 Redeye Series 1/23-1/25/15 Info Spring Lake Park, MN
Doghouse Fall Banquet 1/18/15 3:00 PM Maplewood, MN
Chaser's New Years Eve L.O.D. 12/25/14 Info Coon Rapids, MN
Scoop's New Years Eve L.O.D. 12/31/14 Info Coon Rapids, MN
Scoop's Christmas L.O.D. 12/25/14 Info Coon Rapids, MN
NDA Regional Tournament 12/12-12/14/14 Info Rochester, MN
Scoop's Fall Banquet 12/13/14 Info Coon Rapids, MN
Scoop's Thanksgiving L.O.D. 11/27/14 Info Coon Rapids, MN
Chaser's Tipsy Turkey L.O.D. 11/26/14 Info Coon Rapids, MN
Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving L.O.D. 11/26/14 Willy's Coon Rapids, MN
Catherine (Funk) Gronewold Benefit 11/22/14 Info Coon Rapids, MN
Wagon Wheel Dart & Pool Tournament 11/22/14 Info Deer River, MN
Scoop's Halloween Tournament 11/1/14 Info Coon Rapids
Chaser's Halloween Tournament 10/25/14 Info Coon Rapids
Doghouse Summer Banquet 9/20/14 2:00 PM Maplewood
L-Style Appreciation Blind Draw 9/6/14 Info Coon Rapids
Scoop's Summer League Banquet 9/5/14 Info Coon Rapids
Theisen City Playoffs 5/2 - 5/4/14 Info Sign-Up
Scoop's Winter Banquet 4/19/14 Info Coon Rapids
Willy's Mom's 60th 4/12/14 Info Coon Rapids
DeNucci's Blind L.O.D. 4/5/14 6:00 Sign-Up 6:30 Start Nashwauk
Minnesota Bullshooter Regional 3/21 - 3/23/14 Info Mounds View
Guv's St. Patty's L.O.D. 3/15/14 Info Houlton, WI
Vene Qua L.O.D. 3/7/14 Info Keewatin
The Ladies Birthday 2/22/14 Willy's Coon Rapids
Scoop's Valentine L.O.D. 2/15/14 Info Coon Rapids
2014 Icebox Days 01/18/14 Info International Falls
Dog House Fall Banquet 1/12/14 3:00 PM Maplewood
Grand Rapids Fall Banquet 1/11/14 6:00 PM The Dutchroom
Chaser's Fall League Banquet 1/7/14 7:00 PM Coon Rapids
Willy's Fall Banquet 1/4/14 2:00 PM Coon Rapids
Nashwauk/Keewatin Banquet 1/4/14 1:00 PM Hannibal's Bar
Guv's New Years L.O.D. 12/31/13 12:01 AM Hougton, WI
Chaser's New Years Eve L.O.D. 12/31/13 8:00 PM Coon Rapids
Scoop's New Years Eve L.O.D. 12/31/13 Info Coon Rapids
Scoop's Christmas Night L.O.D. 12/25/13 Info Coon Rapids
Scoop's Fall Banquet 12/21/13 Info Coon Rapids
Darts To Save A Life Benefit 12/14/13 Info Maplewood
Deer River Fall Banquet 12/14/13 7:00 PM VFW
Scoop's Thanksgiving L.O.D. 11/28/13 Info Coon Rapids
Willy's Night Before Thanksgiving L.O.D. 11/27/13 Info Coon Rapids
Guv's Ladies Only Tournament 11/23/13 6:00 PM Houlton, WI
Chaser's 500 11/9/13 Info Coon Rapids
Scoop's Spooky Blackout Tournament 11/2/13 Info Coon Rapids
Doghouse/Dart Addicts/Theisen Tourney 11/1-11/2/13 Info Maplewood
Chaser's Halloween L.O.D. 10/26/13 Info Coon Rapids
Scoop's L-Style Tournament 09/28/13 Time TBD Coon Rapids
Mike's Of Bovey Luck Of The Draw 09/28/13 6:00 PM Bovey, MN
Willy's Fall Kick-Off 09/14/13 Info Coon Rapids
Doghouse Summer Banquet 09/08/13 3:00 PM Maplewood
Willy's Summer Banquet 08/17/13 2:00 PM Coon Rapids
Scoop's Summer Banquet 08/16/13 Info Coon Rapids
Leroy Crooks Benefit 06/01/13 1:00 PM Coon Rapids
Scoop's Winter Banquet 05/04/13 Info Coon Rapids
Cheap Thrills Winter Banquet 04/27/13 4:00 PM Chisholm
Willy's Winter Banquet 04/27/13 Info Coon Rapids
Vene Qua L.O.D. 04/20/13 5 PM Keewatin
Hawk's League Banquet 04/14/13 Info Monticello
Premier League Banquet 03/30/13 TBD TBD
Vene Qua L.O.D. 03/30/13 5 PM Keewatin
Grand Rapids Winter Banquet 03/23/13 4 PM Grand Rapids VFW
Willy's St. Patrick's Day L.O.D. 03/16/13 2 PM Coon Rapids
Guv's St. Patrick's Day L.O.D. 03/16/13 Info Houlton, WI
Vene Qua L.O.D. 02/23/13 5 PM Keewatin
Sideline Mark Tuominen Memorial Tournament 02/23/13 3 PM Chisholm
2013 Grand Rapids Sweethearts Tournament 02/16/13 Info Grand Rapids
Sidelines Valentines B.Y.O. Partner 02/15/13 7 PM Chisholm
Cheap Thrills "Threesome" Tournament 02/09/13 7 PM Chisholm
Scoop's Valentines Tournament 02/09/13 Info Coon Rapids
1st Annual MVA/Dahlheimer Shootout 02/07-02/10/13 Info Big Lake
Craig Karjala Benefit 01/26/13 Info Bovey
Thirsty Moose L.O.D. 01/26/13 Info Hibbing
Joseph's In Avon Dart Tournament 01/25-01/26/13 Info Avon
Dianne Blackmon Benefit 01/19/13 Info Coon Rapids
Dozer's NashKee Fall Banquet 01/19/13 1 PM Pengilly
Cheap Thrills L.O.D. 01/19/13 7 PM Chisholm
Vene Qua L.O.D 01/19/13 5 PM Keewatin
Border Bar Icebox Days 01/19/13 Info International Falls
Tenney Little Memorial Benefit 01/12/13 Info Maplewood
Scoop's New Years Day L.O.D. 01/01/13 Info Coon Rapids
Chaser's New Years Eve L.O.D. 12/31/12 Info Coon Rapids
Willy's Fall Banquet 12/29/12 Willy's Coon Rapids
Scoop's Christmas Day L.O.D. 12/25/12 TBA Coon Rapids
Vene Qua L.O.D. 12/22/12 2 PM Keewatin
Gauntlet Banquet 12/21/12 7:30 PM Coon Rapids
DeNucci's Saloon L.O.D. 11/24/12 7 PM Nashwauk
Scoop's Thanksgiving L.O.D. 11/22/12 TBA Coon Rapids
Willy's Thanksgiving Eve L.O.D. 11/21/12 Info Coon Rapids
Bullshooters 11/16-11/18/12 Info Moundsview
Chaser's Halloween L.O.D. 10/27/12 8 PM Coon Rapids
Scoop's Halloween L.O.D. 10/27/12 Info Coon Rapids
Sidelines Halloween L.O.D. 10/26/12 7 PM Chisholm
Cheap Thrills 10/26/12 5 PM Chisholm
Vene Qua 10/20/12 Noon Keewatin
Cheap Thrills L.O.D. 10/20/12 5 PM Chisholm
Sideline's L.O.D. 10/19/12 6 PM Chisholm
Willy's Just For The Hell Of It L.O.D 10/13/12 Info Coon Rapids
Sidelines L.O.D. 10/13/12 6 PM Chisholm
Jam's Pick Your Own Partner Tourney 10/13/12 6 PM Nashwauk
Chisholm Roving Tournament 10/13/12 Info Chisholm
Cheap Thrills L.O.D. 10/12/12 5 PM Chisholm
Cheap Thrills L.O.D. 10/06/12 5 PM Chisholm
Cheap Thrills L.O.D. 09/15/12 6 PM Chisholm
DogHouse Fall Tournament 9/13-9/14/12   Maplewood
Nancy Ranallo Benefit 08/25/12 Info Coon Rapids
Scoops' Fall Kick-Off 08/24/12 Info Coon Rapids
Willy's Summer League Banquet 08/18/12 3 PM Coon Rapids
Scoop's Summer League Banquet 08/17/12 7 PM Coon Rapids
Sidelines L.O.D. 06/22/12 7 PM Chisholm
Scoop's L.O.D. 06/02/12 Info Coon Rapids
Nate Johnson Benefit 05/19/12 Info Monticello
Jeff Kelsey Benefit 05/12/12 Info Coon Rapids
Liquid Larry's L.O.D. 04/21/12 Info Kinney
Nashwauk-Keewatin Banquet 04/14/12 2 PM Calumet Saloon
Grand Rapids Banquet 03/25/12 2 PM Locker Room
Hawk's St Pattys Tournament 03/17/12 Info Monticello
Guv's St Patty's Day L.O.D. 03/17/12 Info Houlton, WI
Sideline's St. Pattys Day L.O.D. 03/17/12 Info Chisholm
Scoop's $300 Added 03/10/12 Info Coon Rapids
Jam's Kill-A-Keg Tournament 03/03/12 Info Nashwauk
Thirsty Moose Blind L.O.D. 02/25/12 1 PM Hibbing
Guv's B.Y.O. Partner Tounament 02/25/12 Info Houlton, WI
Wizard's L.O.D. 02/18/12 Info Nashwauk
Mark Tuominen Memorial 02/18/12 Info Chisholm
Airway Inn B.Y.O Partner Tournament 02/11/12 Info Hibbing
Scoop's Valentine's L.O.D. 02/11/12 Info Coon Rapids
Jim's Sports Club Terry Case Benefit 01/28/12 3 PM Chisholm
Thirsty Moose L.O.D. 01/21/12 1 PM Hibbing
Hawk's Supports Troops L.O.D. 01/21/12 Info Monticello
NashKee Fall Banquet 01/14/12 1 PM Marble, MN
Dog House Snow Dogs Weekend 01/13-01/14 Info Maplewood
Jam's Corner Bar L.O.D. 01/07/12 6 PM Nashwauk
Scoop's L.O.D. 01/07/12 Info Coon Rapids
Willy's Fall Banquet 01/07/12 Info Coon Rapids
Dog House Fall Banquet 01/07/12   Maplewood
Hibbing B Division Banquet 01/07/12 Sidelines Chisholm
Hibbing A Division Banquet 01/06/12 Mr. Nicks Hibbing
Scoop's New Year's Day L.O.D. 01/01/12 Info Coon Rapids
J Cousineau's New Years Day L.O.D. 01/01/12 1 PM Maple Grove
Chaser's New Years Eve L.O.D 12/31/11 Info Coon Rapids
Hawk's New Years Eve L.O.D. 12/31/11 Info Monticello
Scoop's Christmas Day L.O.D. 12/25/11   Coon Rapids
Sideline's League Kick-Off 12/23/11 Info Chisholm
JIm's Sports Club L.O.D. 12/17/11 6 PM Chisholm
Scoop's Fall Banquet 12/17/11   Coon Rapids
Wizards L.O.D. 12/10/11 6 PM Nashwauk
Grand Rapids Moose Tournament 12/03/11 Info Grand Rapids
Hawk's Blind Fools Tournament 11/26/11 Info Monticello
Chaser's Thanksgiving L.O.D. 11/24/11 8 PM Coon Rapids
Scoop's Thanksgiving L.O.D. 11/24/11 Info Coon Rapids
Ole Piper Inn Thanksgiving B.Y.O.P 11/24/11 Info Blaine
Mermaid Thanksgiving Eve B.Y.O.P. 11/23/11 Info Mounds View
Chaser's Thanksgiving Eve L.O.D. 11/23/11 8 PM Coon Rapids
Willy's Thanksgiving Eve L.O.D. 11/23/11 Info Coon Rapids
Guv's Hunters Widow Tournament 11/18/11 Info Houlton, WI
Scoop's Halloween L.O.D. 11/05/11 Info Coon Rapids
Sideline's Halloween L.O.D. 10/29/11 7 PM Chisholm
Chaser's Halloween L.O.D. 10/29/11 Info Coon Rapids
WIlly's Breast Cancer Tournament 10/22/11 4 PM Coon Rapids
Jim's Sports Club LOD 10/22/11 5 PM Chisholm
DogHouse Red Rooster Reunion 10/14-10/15 Info Maplewood
Sideline's 2 Year Anniversary L.O.D. 10/14/11 6 PM Chisholm
Matthew 'Fatty' Simonson Benefit 09/24/11 Info Coon Rapids
Guv's Place Fall Tournament 09/23/11 Info Houlton, WI
Sidelines Fall League Kick-Off 09/17/11 Info Chisholm
Willy's Fall League Kick-Off 09/17/11 Info Coon Rapids

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